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Pipe Tobacco

pipe tobacco

We stock a full-line of choice pipe tobaccos, including a medley of exclusive blends. Call us at (805) 239-8701 to inquire about our latest blends and shipping options.

Here are some pipe tobacco resources as well as descriptions of our most popular custom tobacco blends.

Basic Types of Tobacco

Burley -
Slow burning darker tobacco with a mild earthy taste
Cavendish -
Very mild aromatic tobacco, blends of flue-cured Virginia and Burley with added flavorings
English -
Blends of flue-cured Virginia and Oriental tobaccos, better suited for experienced pipe smokers
Latakia -
Fire cured black Oriental tobacco with a smoky aroma, used for flavoring
Maryland -
Somewhat bland tobacco used to improve a blend's burning properties
Oriental -
Also referred to as Turkish, somewhat richer tobaccos used for blending
Perique -
Strong black tobacco fermented in its own juices, used exclusively for flavoring
Virginia -
Golden-yellow, naturally sweet tasting

Boyd's Tobacco Blends


A blend of Burley, Virginia and Green River Black Cavendish combined with a secret flavoring to create an amazing aroma. This blend produces a mild smoke.


Light and sweet, with an almond and liqueur profile. Smooth with no bite.


This smooth combination of mellow, nutty, pressed Burley and gently-steamed black Cavendish is finished with a creamy vanilla note for a nicely sweet flavor and outstanding room note.

Balkan II

Strong and robust. A luxury blend containing a high percentage of four exotic Turkish grades, high Latakia content and the finest matured Virginia.

Black Cavendish

Smooth and rich. Naturally sweet, but not flavored. Intense steam and pressure unleash the light aroma of this mildest of blends. Loose cut. The sublime flavor of vanilla bean extracts imbue this mixture with a deliciously mild taste and aroma. This fine blend is ideal for either enjoying it as is or for blending.

Black Cordial

A blend of four varied and unusual Black fire-cured grades with added highlights of Sweet Virginias and topped with a rich and fragrant cordial liqueur. This is the perfect end to a long day.

Black Currant Cavendish

Sweet, but mild. Raisins and Gold Cavendish profile. Gentle fruity Black Currant and Fresh Apple flavors underline this unique mixture based on smooth tasting Black Cavendish. Gently pressed and fermented ready rubbed Virginia and Burley together with sparkling bright wild cut Virginia create the perfect composition for this exquisite blend.

Blue Note

Inspired by the famous Blue Note Cafe in New York City, this blend of Burley, Virginia and world famous Green River Black Cavendish has been expertly blended for the utmost in taste.

Boyd's House Blend (1Q)

A Golden Cavendish blend with a hint of Fire-Cured tobaccos blended provide scintillating taste and flavorful aroma. Hints of chocolate and hay.

Boyd's & Berry (Black Raspberry)

The fragrance of Black Raspberry embraces a well-rounded blend of flavorful Virginias, mellow Burley and Black Cavendish tobaccos.


Light and approachable. Clean on the palate. Developed from fine Virginia tobaccos blended with Mexican Burley and topped with 2 cuts of sweet Black Cavendish, a unique masterpiece. Tobacco cut: Medium loose cut. Tobacco Flavor/Aroma: A subtle hint of French berries captures the essence of this elegantly mild mixture.


Among the lightest and sweetest offered. Wonderful room note, great cherry flavor. Loose cut blend of Virginia and Burley complemented by rich n' sweet Cavendish with European Cherry flavor. Milder in body, but big on flavor with a great room note.


This delicious blend is a mixture of six tobaccos, three distinctly different Chocolate Toppings, a bit of Coconut Almond, and a hint of Brandy.

Cinnamon Delight

This cinnamon flavored all black Cavendish is satisfying whether paired with morning coffee or with an after-dinner cocktail. It is a dessert tobacco at its finest.

Crown Achievement

The tobacco is fragrant, utilizing very rare Orientals to support and enliven the Latakia, and choice Virginias are used to give it balance. Finally, some premium Perique is added for depth, spice and a bit of sweetness.

Danish Export

A superior blend of top quality Virginia tobaccos from three continents; loose cut. It's lightly aromatic in a natural way, with a smooth Virginia taste.

Golden Cavendish

Good starter pipe tobacco. Sweet wheat bread on the profile. Good base for custom blends. Red and Golden Virginias mixed with deep rich Burleys and a unique aromatic top dressing. Pleasing aroma in the pipe and the room.

Grey Bear

A deep custom blend with earthy and sweet elements from Gold and Black Cavendish. Fruit and liqueur flavors and aromatics enhance the blend.

Joe's Campfire

Tows the line between sweet and smoky/robust. Sweet chocolate and hay ease some of the Latakia’s smokiness.


Fireplace/English smoke. Stronger, “condiment” tobacco. For the sophisticated pipe smoker.

Light Burley

Rich and Earthy. Cigar-like in profile. Taste of tobacco, not flavored. A quality blend of fine Burley tobaccos, Cavendish processed for extra mildness. Medium Cavendish cut, non-aromatic.

Malcolm’s Blend

A robust, smoky blend with hints of sweetness, all mellowed out by lighter, earthier tobaccos.

Norwegian Blend

A traditional, non-aromatic blend with an 'American Taste.' Combination of mild Virginia, air-cured Burley, and Oriental tobaccos delivers a mellow, smooth smoke that's purely tobacco-tasting.


Toasty and nutty. Good beginner blend. Mild, flavored, but not too sweet. Superior Golden African Virginias are combined with Burleys and mild Black Cavendish then finished with a unique vanilla and chocolate essence to achieve the superb taste.


Sweet, rich profile with elements of cherry aroma and Black Cavendish. Developed from the fields of the flue-cured tobaccos of Zimbabwe, Malawi. Blended with sweet processed Black Cavendish and mild Burley tobaccos. Medium to coarse loose cut. Fanciful fruit and vanilla flavoring awakens this mild blend’s outstanding taste and evocative aroma.

Peaches and Cream

Flue-cured tobacco meticulously cultivated from the fertile fields of Zimbabwe, Malawi, are delicately blended with sweet processed Black Cavendish and mild Burley tobaccos to produce this singularly superlative blend.


Earthy, cigar-like pipe tobacco. Stronger, with a hint of natural sweetness.

Peter’s Blend

Rich, smooth and sweet. An excellent blend for beginners and experienced pipe smokers alike. An earthy base lets the sweeter tobaccos compliment, rather than dominate, the profile.


Blended with Golden Red Virginia tobaccos and a full touch of aromatic Black Cavendish. Loose Ribbon cut. Combination of vanilla and pistachio nut flavors makes for one moderately sweet, mild smoking blend.

Proper English

Richer and more robust than most. Full bodied, “steak dinner” smoke. Salty, smoky, with touches of peppery spice. The most Latakia of Boyd’s blends with old belt Virginias and Orientals.

Pumpkin Spice

A mellow blend of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish that's imbued with the flavors of pumpkin and the spices that usually accompany it. This is a comforting, warm blend that can be enjoyed all day long.

Rum & Maple

A familiar old classic, this blend expertly mixes Bright Virginias and rich Burleys with the contrasting flavors of Rum and Maple. Rum & Maple makes for an interesting and pleasant smoke.

Spring St.

A rich, old-fashioned Burley blend, topped with natural vanilla extract makes "Mixture 79" a soft, sweet smoke, nicely-rounded, and free of "bite".

Toasted Cavendish

A flavored Cavendish of the highest quality. Mild, cool, slow burning smoke.

Vanilla Vineyard (Vanilla Crème)

Superior Zimbabwe flue-cured tobaccos are mainly used in our Vanilla Creme blend. Cavendish and Loose cut. Aged in a sweet Vanilla ingredient, very mild.

Virginia Cream

The flavors for this blend is a tried and true combination that has been used in a number of blends -- vanilla and Bourbon.

Virginia Ribbon

Lighter than Gold Cavendish, but along same profile. Light bakery elements (bread). A reliable component for providing a toasty, gentle sweetness, red Virginia is most commonly used as a blending-component tobacco, though it does just fine one its own as well. Boasts light and cool smoking qualities.

Waskiewisc’s No Worries

A cool, creamy blend with enough sweetness and mild tobacco notes for anyone to enjoy. Among our most popular blends, specifically complimented for its room note and mild character.


Burley-esque in flavor; earthy, with an unmistakable whiskey aroma that cuts through some of the earthy elements. Mild Ready-Rubbed Cavendish consisting of quality mild flue-cured Virginia Tobaccos with some light Burley tobaccos. Straight Cavendish cut. Aged Whiskey tobacco flavor.

Wild Honeysuckle

Fragrant honey and sweet vanilla applied to a base of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish meld together for an outstanding room aroma.